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Oviya Studios is a one stop location and Perfect Destination, catering to all kinds of musicians, Artists, Bands etc from Delhi NCR. Services offered include Music Production, Video Production, Jam pad facility, Equipment rentals, Coaching & Training in Audio Engineering & Music Production. Timings Studio : 12 pm - 8 pm (Monday - Saturday) JAMPAD 1 : 9 am - 11 pm (Everyday) JAMPAD 2 : 24 hours (Everyday)
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Recording Songs
Composing Songs
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Gear on Lease
Music / Acting Academy

Amazing Team

Interest, Dedication, Vision and Mutual Development is what makes the Team at Oviya splendid and Unique. Support and Welfare for Musicians on priority classifies and distinguishes the Team Ideology at Oviya. The Benchmark trident comprising of Investment, Operation and Specialisation is open and available for anyone likeminded to Experience.


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